How Great Brands Begin

The greatest brands often have humble beginnings that start as the spark of an idea. 

Ikea's founder wanted to bring the things people need direct to them at low prices - he started out selling stationery before the flatpack revolution began. The first Apple computer was built from scrounged parts financed by promises that a single shop would stock them. Innocent smoothies launched as an experiment at a stand at a music festival.

These stories are inspirational. Anyone can build an empire from their dreams. All it takes is a great idea, a strong intention to drive you, and investment of time and resource. Along with a plan to get others to believe they need you in their lives. Basically - its hard work.

Great brands have strong leaders driving them. Individuals who won't let obstacles get in the way of their goals. These brands inspire us because the people who started them were inspirational.

None of the great brands I mentioned earned their place in the market by winning a popularity contest on television, or by sending random unsolicited samples to other brands in hopes they might join their product line. They bootstrapped themselves and worked their way into our lives.

Why do artists think that the way they enter the game should be different?