What is the Point?

When making her acceptance speech in todays Australian Open, Serena Williams commented that she had "reached her goal."

The context of her remark was not that winning the tournament was her goal - there was something more behind it. It made me think further about the goal of the artist. The questions of "why" you make music or produce art is irrelevant - and inevitably you always get the same sort of answer - "I just have to ... its inside of me and I just need to let it out ... to express myself etc etc".

A better question is "what do you want to get out of doing what you are doing?" This helps to actually focus the output of your creativity, and to clarify the intention of your work. MaJiKer and I use this technique constantly to keep his project on track. He is highly motivated to achieve, but with so many possible directions to pursue, how do you focus your energy and resources? Setting clear goals reinforced with an understanding of what you want to get out of it at the end is crucial to moving to the next stage of your career.

High performing athletes clearly know this - they do not achieve in their careers simply by setting out to beat someone, or win tournament money. The best are constantly striving to hone their talent, to reach milestones along the way and then stretch themselves even further.

The majority of XFactor hopefuls quickly demonstrate that fame is all they want to get out of what they are doing. Unfortuantely fame is a goal that rarely results in remarkable talent.

Image from Flickr by John of Dublin


And now ... 2010

And after a much needed extended holiday, which took up the most of December, I think I've finally returned to a normal routine. 2010 had a bumpy start with the UK being covered in snow - we simply can't cope with the elements in this country.

2009 was busy - but ended on a high with MaJiKer's "Laboratoire BPM" on the 11th December at L'Espace B in Paris. A perfect hidden gem in the 19th arondissement which is completely suited to this fantastic new format curated by our favourite Gaymonkey maestro. With special guests including Camille, Maya Barsony, Indi Kaur (and of course, Benedicte Le Lay) the packed out performance was easily the best show I have seen in years.

Along with the brilliant Kraftwerk cover - "Les Robots" - the medley of "Flesh & Bone" with "Home Is Where It Hurts" was definitely a highlight.

The Lab format was such an innovative live concept and success that we are planning more in Paris (next one - 10th April) and to bring the show to the UK and beyond, with MaJiKer curating more exclusive guest performances. Add this to an exclusive mixes and bonus track compilation (out very soon on Gaymonkey) we can expect quite a bit from MaJiKer this year. So watch this space - 2010 will be bringing us much joy indeed.