Gong Show

Reasons to be frustrated by the Mercury Prize:

1. The most deserving band never wins. In fact looking at the victors list since the prize was launched, of the winners only Portishead - Dummy would have won my vote. 

2. Leftfield artists that don't stand a chance in hell get nominated, but of course never win. Kind of like poor Malta in Eurovision.

3. Could they just GIVE RADIOHEAD AN AWARD? It wouldn't kill them. The fact that OK Computer was trumped by anyone - never mind Roni Size - was bad enough. To be nominated four times, and then not win - even with the slightly-lesser brilliant (but still remarkable) In Rainbows, indicates that there is some sort of injustice.

4. Despite these indiscretions, it is the last UK award of musical merit that is vaguely noteworthy. That doesn't stop some nominees from taking this piss by leaving their £20k cheque in the toilets, or not bothering to show up.

5. It - like all these things - has to be sponsored by a bank.

and finally ...

6. They continue to allow Brit School luvvies into the hat - Adele?  Please ...

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