EQ: Mogul in the Making

Clubbing in London has reached the bottom of its dip. A pattern I have noticed over the past few years, the fickle tastes of Londoners - and recently, the redevelopment of areas where clubs have been located, have seen many of the best nights shut down. Add that to the generational shift, and you have a displaced audience who wants to go out, but are left with very few options.

Enter EQ - the electronic pop night hosted by Raj and crew. A sideline to his blog, the monthly event features new talent offered up in the bucket loads.

What's refreshing here is the smorgasbord of acts presented. The night revolves around the performances of multiple acts (this month - no less than nine!) - it's the equivalent of a mini festival. Never mind the fact that it's free.

Its surprising then, at a time when people are starting to value live performance more, there isn't more nights like EQ. Raj is on to a winner with a perfect extension to the EQ brand. The success lies in his very obvious love and devotion to the music. Each act is handpicked from his treasure trove of demos and MySpace discoveries (with the odd major label audition thrown in for good measure).

Refreshing to have such a genuine figure emerging on the UK scene.

The next EQ night is this Friday 31st July at Underbelly in Hoxton Square, N1.
Visit the EQ blog here.
And join the Facebook group here.

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