And now ... 2010

And after a much needed extended holiday, which took up the most of December, I think I've finally returned to a normal routine. 2010 had a bumpy start with the UK being covered in snow - we simply can't cope with the elements in this country.

2009 was busy - but ended on a high with MaJiKer's "Laboratoire BPM" on the 11th December at L'Espace B in Paris. A perfect hidden gem in the 19th arondissement which is completely suited to this fantastic new format curated by our favourite Gaymonkey maestro. With special guests including Camille, Maya Barsony, Indi Kaur (and of course, Benedicte Le Lay) the packed out performance was easily the best show I have seen in years.

Along with the brilliant Kraftwerk cover - "Les Robots" - the medley of "Flesh & Bone" with "Home Is Where It Hurts" was definitely a highlight.

The Lab format was such an innovative live concept and success that we are planning more in Paris (next one - 10th April) and to bring the show to the UK and beyond, with MaJiKer curating more exclusive guest performances. Add this to an exclusive mixes and bonus track compilation (out very soon on Gaymonkey) we can expect quite a bit from MaJiKer this year. So watch this space - 2010 will be bringing us much joy indeed.

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