MaJiKer: Bonuses-Performances-Mixes

We're very pleased to announce the release today of MaJiKer's new collection - Bonuses-Performances-Mixes.

The compilation includes 15 new tracks - five brand new songs, five live recordings taken from last year's shows in Paris, and five remixes (including one by yours truly!).

This is the eighth album out on Gaymonkey amongst our various singles and EPs. Although we're moving into a time where recorded music is more of an artist's business card than a lucrative revenue stream, I'm still very proud of every release we put out. For me it symbolises our dedication to finding a new path within this ever changing and exciting industry.

Never mind the fact that this is a brilliant selection of music from MaJiKer. You can download the album from all great MP3 stores - including, of course, iTunes.

The new video for "Strings & Wires (Wagner Remix)" is also a triumph. Directed by Raphael Neal.

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