Revolutions - The Artwork

The sleeve for the new album - "Revolutions by Melnyk" - is finally complete.  

The artwork was done by our favourite photographer - Boyarde - who did all the work for my last album, as well as the video for "Sound of Falling".  She is an amazing talent, and really great to work with.  

We met through a mutual friend just before "Silence" was finished early 2005.  I had a few ideas for what I wanted to do with the sleeve, but really wanted to give up control.  (Mark Farrow had offered to do some work on it, but other projects came up ... one day, he will be mine ...)

I had seen some of Boyarde's portfolio work where she combined fantasy elements with her photography - in a pop art style that felt really fresh.  After meeting her I knew she would be great to work with, and I was really pleased that she had time to do "Revolutions" as well.

With this piece we wanted to explore some of the themes from the album - revolution, falling from grace, this strange biblical concept that keeps coming up in my work (for an atheist, very bizarre ...).  I wanted to steer clear of any military connotations - no tanks, russian propaganda, or Guevara. 

I think her choice suits the album perfectly, and am honoured to be able to use the piece for the sleeve.  Thanks again Boyarde!

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