Back to Speed

The verdict is in on slow travel.  
It is the only way to go this summer ...

Slow travel goes beyond just the obvious zeitgeist of cutting down on one's carbon.  Everyone is doing that - in fact it is becoming quite pedestrian.  The fringe benefit is the sought after state of relaxation that can only come with forcing yourself to just stop.  Turn off the phone, leave the laptop behind, and not check your email.  It is 21st century liberation.

There is now no excuse for flying to Europe.  

I caught myself several times over the break developing thoughts to put down in this blog.  It was actually one of the things I missed the most - once you get in the habit of writing, it is a shame to stop yourself.  I jotted down a few notes and will post them over the next few days. I have no doubt the Balaeric bliss will have worn off by the weekend.  London has that power of you.

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