BEST OF 08: Body-Piano-Machine

Friday's Independent features Andy Gill’s summary of the year in music (along with records of the year from an ultimately random selection of “people who should know” – first up, Adele (!?)). It’s a nice look back – I wish my attention span had the capacity for twelve months, but unfortunately this has been another year where little jumped off the shelf.

The big exception is MaJiKer. His debut Body-Piano-Machine caught me by surprise and hasn’t left my playlist since. Completely fresh, his sound is a new take on electroacoustic pop – blending the piano with body percussion and a classic Yamaha synth. Conceptual, but pop nonetheless.

At the heart is fantastic song writing, with a compelling diversity of style. “Flesh & Bone” is as finely crafted as can be – intimate and intricately woven. “The Chase” is a mysterious triumph – rooted in deep house. The playful “Le Femme Android” and “Strings And Wires” provide a balance by camping the proceedings up – and find themselves annoyingly entering your subconscious on every occasion.

MaJiKer is based in Paris - last month I crossed the channel to see him perform live – and suddenly the entire album made even more sense. The show was more theatre than simply a gig - an experience that I can only compare to Fischerspooner’s brilliant shows. 

It is therefore an honour that we are in discussions to having MaJiKer join the Gaymonkey family. We look forward to working with him in 2009. 

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