BEST OF 08: Readings and Writings

Where the year lacked volume in sound, 2008 certainly was not without inspiration in the written form. In fact it is difficult to pin down the top tombe of the past months – indeed, some of my favourites were not written this year but have helped shape my thoughts regardless – and deserve a mention. Not to forget the great blogs that feed my Netvibes daily …

A true awakening and reinforcing voice – that to be niche has value and should be championed. 

The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein
Horrifying – the type of story that requires a constant shaking of your head in disbelief. And prophetic – considering the recent collapse of the western world’s economic system.

Essential wisdom and pearls of daily guidance.

Also essential wisdom. And a constant supply of mirth.

Prime position on the reading list, however, is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle – which has become a bit of a guidebook to me with its insight into the human condition. Tolle explores attachment theory and dissects the ego in a way that is clear and simple to grasp. Some might consider his words to be spiritual guidance – that isn’t really my thing … instead I would say he has unlocked some clues as to what it means to be human and alive. 

Thanks to my dear friend Sham for giving me Eckhart. And apologies to everyone else for not shutting up about the bloody book.

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