Thank You, Clone Records

It is with deep regret that I read today about the closure of Clone Records.

Around the time we started to release our own records, I really began to admire Clone. Here was a label releasing brilliant electronic music, often beyond the radar of the status quo - but always consistent within their vision. They are what I have always admired a label to be.

Their press release states:

"Now we do understand the tricks and formulas of dance music and the different users. However using these tricks and formulas just to ensure maximum effect would be betrayal to our own musical ethics because our goal with Clone records is to entertain ourself with the music we release (and to be clear... with the music...and not the side effects)."

Their goal was to release quality music, not generic throwaway trash for the dancefloor. It is the most marvelous of ambitions - one which we have always held as a Gaymonkey value. 

Perhaps in this dying age of vinyl they have suffered from not increasing the frequency of their releases. But I applaud their integrity - and most of all, I thank them for discovering Putsch '79 - one of my favourite electrodisco acts. For my second single I asked them to remix "Strut" and was very honoured when they said yes - out of respect I offer it here for download. 

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