What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Four simple reasons why the Pet Shop Boys will be receiving the "Outstanding Contribution to Music" award at the BRITs tomorrow:

50 million records sold and four number ones, their integrity remains intact by building upon their trademark sound - rather through zeitgeisty reinvention.

The duo of Tennant/Lowe are fantastic songwriters, with a panache for melody and creating both pop and art out of their music. One only needs to marvel at the genius of "Being Boring" to see how perfection can be manifested when sound meets poetry.

From day one PSB have selected incredible people to work with, when Neil Tennant tracked Bobby Orlando down to help bring "West End Girls" to life. From then they have hand picked a host of great talent to become part of their contribution to pop - be it Dusty Springfield, Harold Faltermeyer, Trevor Horn (may I include yours truly as well?). They have also brought great vision to their works through their involvement with designer Mark Farrow.

but most of all

Sophisticated, intelligent, perfect.

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