MaJiKer - Flesh & Bone

This week Gaymonkey releases the first single from the debut solo album by MaJiKer.

"Flesh & Bone" is a stunning piece of music - a mournful love song between a musician and his art. The story within builds on several levels - the metaphor of the piano interspersed with artists introspection of his own mortality. And finally the introduction of the ghostly angel (played by MaJiKer's on-stage collaborator - the fabulous Bénédicte Le Lay).

MaJiKer had already completed the video for the song by the time he approached us to join the label last year. I was instantly impressed - a perfect visual interpretation of the music. The song remains one of my favourites from the album, demonstrating his genius and always leaving me wanting another listen.

You can download "Flesh & Bone" from your favourite MP3 store. It comes with a remix by french electro maestro Leapstick and an exclusive live performance of "Wall of Sound".

MaJiKer is performing in Paris on the 29th of April - visit www.majiker.com for details!

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The Guerrilla Virus Project said...

Thank you for sharing this music. Props from across the pond! Really enjoyed this song, and your description was remarkably accurate!