MaJiKer - Live at Nouveau Casino

29th April 2009
Nouveau Casino
Paris, France

I have just returned from a great trip to Paris to celebrate the release of Body-Piano-Machine

It was a fitting city for us to hold an event for the release of MaJiKer's album. It is not only the home of the artist, but a backdrop for his soundtrack. When I first experienced his live show last year (at his residency at Sentier des Halles) I was instantly transported into his world - which to me seemed to merge with the sounds of the whole city. Bodies, machines, the occasional piano ...

The Nouveau Casino was a sufficient step from the basement theatre of Sentier des Halles, but MaJiKer demonstrated that his magnificent show can maintain its intimacy. Performing the album nearly in its entirety, the live versions of the songs carry their own mystery - enhanced by the fantastic Bénédicte Le Lay, who contributes vocals, theatre and movement. 

Highlights for me have to be "Wall of Sound" - which has risen to being one of my favourites on the album, along with "The Chase". This was the first track that MaJiKer sent to us last year - and the live version does not disappoint. Building on layers of body percussion the track is the definitive climax of the show.

A final encore saw very special guests Camille and Maya Barsony take to the stage to join Le Lay for a reprise of "BPMantra" - in which they created a medley of their own BPM tracks ("The Pink Piano" and "Le Femme Androide" along with "Flesh & Bone"). Pure bliss.

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Image by Sandrine Cellard on Flickr

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