Music Saying Nothing

No bands have anything to say right now 
- Adam Ficek, Babyshambles

This evenings' London Lite carries a quote from the Babyshambles' drummer. I'm sure he is probably reflecting on what he perceives to be lacking in inspiration in the current indie music scene. But he has a point - artists don't seem to have much to say for themselves. Unless you are Bono - of course.

Which is odd considering the level of interaction and airtime that any artist can have thanks to the Internet. They no longer need to call a press conference or stage a bed-in to get attention. But rather than use this brilliant tool to discuss the merits of their music, most mainstream performers tend to rant about their media profile (see Lilly Allen or Calvin Harris for Twittertips).

When it comes to social issues, the silence is almost deafening. At a time when companies are under increasing pressure to be more transparent on their stance on the environment, and are even using the challenge to improve their offering, artists seem to have nothing to say. In the last issue of the PRS members magazine, the spokesperson for Julies Bicycle (the industry body on climate change) revealed her frustration on finding a UK artist to publicly comment on the issue. Perhaps they are afraid to make a statement because they are realising the impact they have. Or maybe they just don't realise they have a responsibility - or the opportunity - to affect change?

It seems like music with comment is as taboo as an artist with conscience. 

Image by kozumel on Flickr.

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