A New Revolution

I've been away from this blog for a few weeks. A much needed holiday back home to Canada gave me some time to reflect on wisdom from my business partner and good friend on where this particular channel was headed.

I've been writing for over 18 months now - over one hundred posts. Even in that small time the blogosphere landscape has changed massively with the disruption of Twitter. Despite this blogs remain a critical companion. As writers, the need to find one's own voice is more important than ever.

That's the hard part really, and it has taken me this long to recognise my focus for writing this. While I started as a means of just commenting on anything, I've realised I do have a unique voice on the music industry. I'm an artist / (semi retired) DJ / producer / manager / booker / marketer / digital media officiando / long tail rider / independent label boss / publisher / leader in the music industry's climate change debate. I'm not sure there is anyone else that can offer this perspective, and I hope it can help others who are passionate about creating a new music industry.

So thank you to @shamsandhu for your words of wisdom. And to the other gurus - Seth Godin, Chris Anderson, Daniel Priestley, et al. (not forgetting Gladwell, of course). Here's to a new chapter of revolutions.

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