Lord Mandelson Declares War!

Interesting piece on Channel 4 news tonight about Lord Mandelson's anti-piracy proposals.

And my first introduction to the Featured Artists Coalition - a lobbying group set up by musicians (such as Ed O'Brien from Radiohead - featured in the interview) who are campaigning for changes to copyright.

While most of their argument centres around the way royalties are controlled and split between labels and artists, O'Brien was on hand to face Jon Snow's questions regarding the government's proposed legislation, which involves threatening those that upload files for sharing. Three nasty letters, and you could be barred from the net.

O'Brien spoke with clarity when he admitted that new artists rely on the internet to get noticed, and "build their profile". I wonder how Lord Mandelson would classify bloggers who have become our new broadcasters - spreading the word through their recommendations, and helping to launch the careers of many artists? Are they criminals, or an essential element to a new industry?

The report is below. Thanks to the internet, I can share the film clip with you. If you enjoy it, you must just watch Channel 4 again. Or tell a friend about it.

That's the joy of new media.

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