Giving Birth

One of the girls at our mastering studio was absent this week when I went in to get Revolutions polished and finished off.  She is off on maternity leave with her first child.  

Dave - who does our mastering - remarked that while the first one is exhilarating and exciting, and everything is new, your second one is planned meticulously - having learned the tribulations from your first child.

I couldn't help but ponder this on a different level.  With this new LP finally mastered - my second born - things did feel differently.  I wasn't experiencing the same nervous excitement that I recall from my first time in that studio four years ago.  The awe that comes with finally realising that you have created something which you will inevitably allow to be set free to the world.  A world that will then tear it apart.  Love it, or hate it.  

It is this sense of attachment that often stops people from creating at all.  The fear of putting something out there into the world, opening oneself to criticism, sharing the fragility that holds art together.  It takes strength to give birth.

But in the end we do it - because we have to.  Because something in our nature drives us to.  And when at last we can sit back and enjoy what we have done we realise that our struggle has lead us to create something we can truly be proud of.

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Northern Kind said...

Giving Birth is such a great analogy on many levels.

It feels now that our first album has developed a life of it's own, and now nearly eight months after it's release it's still growing in peoples awareness.

For me though I didn't really care if it sold or indeed anyone liked it, the accomplishment I felt for just finishing it was enough to satisfy me.