Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook

My inbox held a little treat today.  The new Sigur Rós single - available for free download.

It is difficult to write about the work of the icelandic foursome - they are one of my favourite groups, and being a lover of all things scandinavian I have followed them from the moment I was first blasted with their emotional soundscape.  Their success has been incredible - surely one of the most inspiring pop (alt.pop?) groups of our generation (who sing in a language no one really understands).

The new single is a break from tradition.  The frenetic pace and changing time signature carries a childlike quality - which, like most of their music, people will either love or hate.  An like the rest of their catalogue, the accompanying video is a perfect vision of their music ... certainly inspired by Lars von Trier's The Idiots.

The album is produced by Flood - very much looking forward to the results.

It will be interesting to follow the marketing behind the free download. Sigur Rós have a huge fanbase - word will spread quickly of the freebie amongst their audience who are collectors of their work, and will pay to see them live.  In comparison with other artist's recent giveaway stunts, this feels more genuine - more of a thank you and a try-before-you-buy than an attempt at gaining additional PR mileage.

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