Late Night Music

Our television sets have become burdened with late night music television.  Now and again you might catch a great exclusive video on Channel 4 - but by and large the programming tends to be self indulgent rubbish (cue Jo Whiley/Zoe Ball/Mikita Oliver/Steve Jones et al. fawning over disinterested sweaty greasy arrogant nouveau guitar icon wannabe).

Last night I had the extreme displeasure of catching the tail end of the BT Digital Music Awards. Because we really need another music awards show.  How the nominees - never mind the winners - were chosen has yet to be revealed to me, but the real cringeworthiness of the affair was the blatant propaganda of the inter-award vox pops, where selected artists waxed lyrical about the importance of downloading legally.  Although the message was important, the sheer boredom exhibited by the talent forced - no doubt by their worried record label - to express their supposed thoughts on the matter (clearly from an autocue) detracted somewhat from the impact.

Throw Ferne Cotton's presenting skills into the mix, and I had every reason required to reach for the remote.

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