What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up, Vlad?

It is interesting to see where our leaders move on to once they have received their P45 and leave their seats in office.

Tony has been doing a great turn on the circuit - in between his part time position as advisors for JP Morgan and Zurich. Then there is Al - who may have lost the White House job, but went on to collect his Nobel gong for saving the world in the fight against climate change.

Mr Gore might be tough on carbon - but according to The Times - its Vladimir you want on your side. 

What better way to deal with political retirement than to release your own series of judo DVDs? Certainly Putin isn't getting into home entertainment and media just for the money.  I'd like to think it was simply a goal he'd had as a young child, and now that he hasn't really got the mandate to crush rogue states or order the execution of dissidents with radioactive sushi, he'd prefer to lend us his wisdom on self defense.

Looking forward to seeing how Ms Palin decides to retire ...

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marylebone said...

I've just found a preview listing on Amazon for "Double Yaow"'s straight to DVD release of "Tai Chi Me Up, Tai Chi Me Down in the the Oval Office" on 20th Jan '09. Amazon. I suppose it's all the poor love can do to prop up his pension now the price of a barrel of black is falling so hard... Sx (By "black" I clearly mean OIL- not that there's anything wrong with it...

schlagerdemon said...

Maybe she can draw on her family's inheritance?