The Joy of Mux


The joys of making mixtapes have returned in the form of Muxtape. Upload some songs, get them in an alignment, and publish them for all to enjoy. I've gotten lost just bouncing around the featured muxes on the site homepage ...

Mixtapes were our generations filesharing.  Most of my musical history is stored on old cassettes in an archive box in the elder's basement.  Of course every mix we made had a name and a sleeve design, and carried a dream that one day we would make albums of our own.

Of course a few things can make Muxtape better.  

1. Limit us to 60 minutes (or 90!) instead of 12 tracks. 

2. Muxtape links tracks to Amazon - allowing listeners the opportunity to buy tracks - but most of the tracks you will find on the Melnyk Muxtape will never be found at Amazon.  Better store links please (Beatport!)

3. Make users tag their mux with themes, and let us search by tag ... 

4. Let us comment on each others muxes - and network accordingly

Other than that, it is pure genius.


Anonymous said...

"Other than that, it is pure genius."

Pure genius, copied from imeem.com which has been letting users do this for an eternity now. Check them out.

As for your suggestions
#2, #3 and #4 are a standard part of the imeem.com experience
#1 - well imeem has gone the other way and has no limits on duration of length of tunes and mixes.

schlagerdemon said...

Loving the Tape, the Title and the Tracks from this post!