Unsubscribe Me

Amnesty has released the lastest in its series of promotional films for their Unsubscribe campaign, which calls for an end to human rights abuses under the banner of the "war on terror".  It is a cause that I support wholeheartedly - I find it unbelievable that our governments are getting away with these practices.  What is even more shocking is that we sit back and do not demand that it stops immediately.

The title track from "Revolutions" is a response to this complacency.  We are locked in a cycle of history where we are not learning from our mistakes.  With every step we took in the 20th century to reach a more advanced state of humanity, the formative years of our current decade seem to have set us back.  The baby boomer generation that campaigned for peace and prosperity are now the ones perpetuating the cycle.  

The "war on terror" certainly does not provide us with an excuse for the disregard for human rights that our governments have allowed.  

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