DJ Culture

There hasn't been much capturing my ear musically lately.  But two events did catch my eye today - namely the visit of two of my favourites to London this weekend.

Jori Hulkkonen is at Satellite 31 (at Egg) on Saturday 7th June.  Jori of course did a fantastic remix for our Ebb release - "I'm All Made of Music" ... I have yet to have the pleasure to experience his DJ sets but the rest of the Gaymonkey crew are big fans.  Jori's fantastic new album Errare Machinale Est is out now on FComm - Ebb has returned the favour by appearing on the track "Forgive Me Father For I Have Synth".  Genius.

And one of the dons of all thing electronic François K is at Fabric - naturally, on the same night. It never rains but it pours ...  

We forget sometimes how lucky we are to live in London - where on any given night you might get the opportunity to experience brilliance.  The flip side of the coin is that we make ourselves too busy to appreciate such joy ...

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