Things Can Only Get Better

John McCain is having trouble with the soundtrack to his campaign (reports The Independent today ...).  

This isn't surprising.  Even considering the importance of licensing revenues in today's dismal industry climate, as an artist you really need to be careful of how your music is used.  I can't imagine many musicians queuing up to get behind the Republicans.

We have also been very considerate when licensing our tracks to advertising, but there wouldn't be a chance in hell of convincing me to lend our work to a political party - even one that I supported. Product endorsement is one thing - but you never know when an ideology will turn sour.

Thanks to kel_ison for pointing out that, in fact, Take That were not responsible for New Labour's theme "Things Can Only Get Better" ... that was of course D:Ream.  What can I say - never blog late at night.


kel_ison said...

It wasn't Gary Barlow. The song is by D:ream and written by Peter Cunnah. Correct facts = interesting blog!

Melnyk said...

Apologies - I've always blamed Take That. Well spotted.