Summer Sounds Vol. Two - Unplugged

I was all geared up this weekend to continue working on a remix for great Swiss duo Division Kent when suddenly the power went out. Most of South London was left without electricity all day yesterday - is there anything to leave an electronic musician feeling more impotent than a power failure?

Thankfully summer had returned for a few more days ... to celebrate here are five more summer sounds - this time with an unplugged theme (well, sort of ... songs that aren't so reliant on the joys of synth ...)

Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels
The triumphant piano opening, the fabulous nah-nah outro - a true classic.

The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
The beauty of the Pixies is that they were never predictable - every album was a hodge-podge of genres, languages, style - truly unique.  

Pet Shop Boys - Home And Dry
This track eluded me for several years, along with the rest of the Release LP. I remember seeing it on Top Of The Pops and not really understanding the direction that the Boys were taking.  When I finally heard it again several years later with fresh ears I realised its poetic simplicity - and now it sits high in my PSB chart.  A romantic song for summer.

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
Rumours is a fantastic album that includes so many classic pop songs (and the iconic sleeve featuring Mick Fleetwood's castanets...).  A great summer travel soundtrack.

Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You
Erlend has one of my favourite voices - it is surprisingly versatile in application, working fantastically in both his acoustic work with Kings of Convenience and his solo electronic collaborations.  All of the Kings' work is great - this is their spunkiest sunshine anthem.

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