Division Kent - Melnyk is Behind the Wheel

The enigmatic duo of Division Kent came to my attention in the spring. I was approached by a visionary guy that works with them (and has subsequently introduced me to quite a few great artists, including the talents of Keenhouse) with a request to do a remix.

DK are from Switzerland (bestowing them with immediate interest on my part ... always been fascinated by the Swiss!). They are comprised of the breathy visceral vocals of Andrea B, backed up with the sound of Sky Antinori. Theirs is a dark electropop - with smatterings of Curve and Eurythmics. They've created an atmospheric world - what I expect to find if I were to catch a glimpse behind David Lynch's giant red velvet Twin Peaks curtain ...

I'm not doing many remixes right now - only selecting those that I feel are going to give me some level of creative satisfaction. I was really excited to be able to choose any track from their latest LP - Gravity - to remix. It was simple - "In The Headlights" was undeniably inspirational. A perfect synth line with which to build upon. 

I've recently discovered that "In The Headlights" is one of several tracks on the LP produced by Gareth Jones - a true genius, responsible for some of Depeche Mode and Erasure's finest work. 

You can download the remix for the next few weeks FREE from here:

Gravity is out now. Download it from iTunes.

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