Sigmund Freud - Analyse This

After a busy week getting the release party together, I had the honour of a visit from Canada from my parents. They don't get the opportunity to visit that often - once a year if I'm lucky, so it was great to have them over.

They are big James Bond fans (as am I ... yes - its true) so we went to the opening night of the new film Quantum of Solace. We all agreed the film was an incredibly adrenaline rush. The only thing missing was the theme song ...

The opening credits of every Bond film has always been a cinematic highlight for me. That classic moment where the scene changes - morphing into the iconic psychedelic title sequence as the theme begins. Who can forget the opening piano to "Nobody Does It Better" - or the twinkling mystery of "Diamonds Are Forever". These songs have been integral to the Bond brand and stand the test of time on their own.

So what has happened lately?? When was our last great Bond theme?

It certainly isn't "Another Way To Die" - from Quantum. I'm not quite sure what David Arnold was thinking - pairing up Alicia Keys with Jack White.  The track is abysmal and instantly forgettable. All noise and no drama - nothing fitting of the intensity of the film. Still, it could have been worse - we could have been blighted by an Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson charade.

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