Malcolm Gladwell

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak in London this week.

He is on tour promoting his new book Outliers. In what I think is rather unusual for an author, he appeared at the Lyceum Theatre (why not make money out of the book tour?) - the home of The Lion King. As well as developing great ideas that combine a unique look at popular culture, sociology and psychology, Gladwell is a fantastic story teller - but I wasn't really sure what to expect out of his appearance. 

What we got was a further glimpse into why Gladwell is a master of his craft. His "performance" (for lack of a better way to describe it!) was simple - just him, a podium, and his big ideas. No films, slides or dread PowerPoint - just delicious words.  His stories wove together to deliver his thesis, suspenseful tales that combined his dry humour and novel concepts. While some may criticise Gladwell for belabouring the point, none can argue his expertise at telling tales. Brilliant stuff.

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